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  • Gwire Law saved my sanity! +

    Posted by a Fraud client

    When I first contacted Gwire Law I had begun to believe that all attorneys were unethical, blood sucking leeches, that were intrinsically lazy and despicable. Bill Gwire and Bruce Glassner changed that for me. They showed me that some attorneys can be trusted. And that some attorney will go the extra mile for you, without even asking. My case was against another attorney, he told me that he was judgment proof, and was 100% confident that no attorney would represent me against him. In other words, an attorney could commit a crime, violate your rights, and he could get away with it purely because he or she was an attorney.

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  • One Of A Kind +

    Posted by a Family Law client

    It had been three years of a very contentious divorce and I did not have an end in sight. I knew that something different had to happen in order to wrap up the proceedings. My faith in attorneys and the legal system had been broken. I had heard the name Bill Gwire in various social settings. People spoke very highly of him. His reputation was that of an accomplished attorney who did know how to get the job done, also, very reliable, trustworthy and respectful. I felt like he was my last hope. Upon our initial meeting, he helped to begin to build the process of faith once more. I retained him and we did get the ball rolling, quickly. I appreciated the fact that he was direct and to the point. Bill took action swiftly and concisely. Using a team building approach, we dismantled the team of attorneys, accountants and judges that had been amassing over the duration of the case. Thanks to Bill and his incredible knowledge of the judicial system, he was able to remove each person, one by one.

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  • Where do you go for help when lawyers behave badly? Bill Gwire! +

    Posted by an arbitration client

    OK, if you're going to a gunfight, bring Clint Eastwood! The problem with most business litigators is that they almost never litigate - this puts these guys at a big disadvantage at the settlement negotiation table. We engaged Bill right after he was coming off of a big win in what I call the "lawyers behaving badly" space. He took a very close look at our case - I was told he only takes cases with real merit and after working with him, I really believe it! We walked into the arbitration proceeding to hear the usual "we won't budge on any front" arguments. Bill went into the back room and came out steaming after talking to the plaintiff's attorney. He told me the gloves were off.  

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  • Professional Recommendation +

    Posted by Edward, a Personal Injury client

    William Gwire provided valuable legal help to me during an unusual legal crisis created by a California lawyer... When you choose a bad lawyer like I did, it can sometimes seem harder to find a good one... That said, Bill is an excellent attorney who is one of the good guys... ELC, Jr.

  • Man of his word +

    Posted by a Fraud client

    Gwire Law Offices ( William Gwire) represented me against another attorney who's actions included legal malpratice, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud. Bill treated me with respect and patience. I couldn't have imagined this experience without Bill Gwire's guidance and expertise. Given the egregious and outrageous nature of the attorney's conduct, I received exemplary damages and emotional distess damages which are generally not available in legal malpratice cases. I owe this favorable settlement to Bill Gwire. I highly recommend Bill and Gwire Law Offices.

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Client Alert #2: Mediation Traps

We are big believers in mediation.  But as a result of a fairly recent California Supreme Court case, mediation has become a potentially terrible trap for clients. 




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Legal Malpractice From a Medical Malpractice Case

Not what you would normally think of for a legal malpractice case arising out of a medical malpractice case.  We represented a well regarded physician  who was represented by a lawyer in a medical malpractice case.  The medical malpractice case was settled with doctor's patient, but lawyer was grossly negligent in post-settlement procedures resulting in an unusual disciplinary action by the California Medical Board against doctor (who had no involvement with the lawyer’s action and didn’t even know about it). The lawyer’s conduct caused an unfavorable comment to be made against the doctor's record on the Medical Board’s website.

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