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How to Read a Legal Bill This is an interactive tutorial we developed to acquaint clients with some of the finer points of understanding their legal bills.
Statute of Limitations article This article, which we recently wrote for a legal journal, provides a technical, in depth analysis of California law on the question of the statute of limitations for legal malpractice.
CA Bar Association Home page for the California Bar Association. Click on the button for “Public Service” and you can find a wealth of information.
HALT The home page for HALT, an organization active in the legal reform area. Good source for information on lawyer/client relations.
American Bar Association (ABA) The home page for the American Bar Association. Also provides links to professional responsibility sites and general legal research sites.
ABA Lawyer Search Tool The Lawyer Locator page for the American Bar Association.
Nolo Press Home page for Nolo and Nolo Press which has information for the “do-it-yourselfer”.
FindLaw One of the better lawyer search services, which also provides an excellent general legal research site.
Martindale Hubbell One of the better lawyer search services (Operated by the Martindale-Hubbell directory).
Federal Court Opinions A general directory for legal research indexes in the United States. Provides links to Federal Court opinions and legislation. For the advanced “do it yourselfer”.
APRL Home page for the Association of Professional Responsibility Attorneys, a nationwide organization of attorneys doing attorney conduct work or involved in the law of lawyering. Its Resource page provides links to excellent professional responsibility sites, as well as general legal research sites.
Professional Conduct Rules A page on the California Bar Association website which sets out the Rules of Professional Conduct for California lawyers. These are the actual rules governing lawyers in California, so it’s a little dry, but the best information on what rules govern lawyers.
ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct which have been the basis for many states rules of professional responsibility or conduct.
California Bar Association’s Ethics Page  A good source for ethics issues/opinions for California.

Client Comments: One Of A Kind

It had been three years of a very contentious divorce and I did not have an end in sight. I knew that something different had to happen in order to wrap up the proceedings. My faith in attorneys and the legal system had been broken. I had heard the name Bill Gwire in various social settings. People spoke very highly of him. His reputation was that of an accomplished attorney who did know how to get the job done, also, very reliable, trustworthy and respectful. I felt like he was my last hope. Upon our initial meeting, he helped to begin to build the process of faith once more. I retained him and we did get the ball rolling, quickly. I appreciated the fact that he was direct and to the point. Bill took action swiftly and concisely. Using a team building approach, we dismantled the team of attorneys, accountants and judges that had been amassing over the duration of the case. Thanks to Bill and his incredible knowledge of the judicial system, he was able to remove each person, one by one.

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Client Comments: Excellent Attorney

Posted By a Fraud Client

Recently I assisted a family friend in an attorney/fraud case which involved the IRS. Acting as advocate and methodically researching legal malpractice attorneys in the state we were fortunate enough to locate Bill Gwire of Gwire Law Offices. Bill handled the case with the highest level of professionalism. He assisted my friend with patience and empathy. Bill walked us through the process step by step and ultimately achieved a most favorable settlement from the offending attorney. Bill Gwire is one of the only attorneys I would ever recommend. Thanks Bill for all of your work!

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