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Finding the information you want and need about the legal field can be daunting. Since we first published our website about 10 years ago, the myriad of sites offering assistance to clients looking for a lawyer have multiplied five-fold.

These resource pages will hopefully help you navigate through the maze of sites and information available on the internet. It includes sites both general to the legal field, and specific to the attorney conduct field. It's not all inclusive (obviously), but what we think are valuable sites.

Legal Malpractice, Ethics Violation and Overbilling: The Complete Package

We filed and prosecuted to settlement a legal malpractice, ethics violation and overbilling case against a small firm for accepting and prosecuting an employment case (wrongful discharge) on behalf of two individuals who were in a conflict of interest. The lead attorney and head of the firm knew the case had no value and should never have been filed, but the law firm churned the case for over $100,000 in fees. After the attorneys all but bankrupted their clients, they withdrew, leaving the clients without money and no way to close out the case.  Then the law firm sued their former clients for the balance owed.  We cross complained against the law firm which, after a bitter fight, disgorged substantially all of the money clients paid and relinquished any claim for additional fees.