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Florida medical device company overcharged by its Washington, D.C. intellectual property firm in a contract and patent dispute case in Florida. 

We represented a Florida medical device company that hired a Washington, D.C. intellectual property firm to handle a breach of contract and patent dispute case. The law firm had already been paid over $500,000 and was suing our client to recover a balance of $650,000 in legal fees and costs they claimed were due. We claimed that the law firm was guilty of egregious overbilling of its legal fees. We were able to achieve a $350,000 reduction on the basis that the law firm had put too many lawyers on the case (there were upwards of 6 partners and 6 different associates all billing on the case), and had that it had been badly strategized which forced the case to get bogged down in jurisdictional issues. This fee dispute case settled two months after it was filed in Florida federal court.