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In one of only two criminal legal malpractice cases we've ever handled, we went after a referral agency who preyed on people accused of crimes and the attorney to whom the case was referred This particular agency, called Crime Attorneys, represented itself on its website as a California statewide law firm with extraordinary and deep expertise, when in fact, it was nothing more than a referral service simply referring cases to lawyers who received a small percentage of the fees that were paid to the referring agency.

The details of what happened to the gentleman who ended up as our client are unimportant except to say that his case was handled abominably and he ended up serving time when his case likely should have been dismissed. We went after both the attorney who handled the case and the referral agency. We achieved a significant settlement from the attorney, and while we recovered no money from the referral agency, we were instrumental in getting the authorities to shut down the website, and were part of the reason the person who was running the scam to file personal bankruptcy.