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We represent plaintiffs in connection with all manner of cases involving negligent, unethical and greedy attorneys, and sometimes that means representing lawyers against other lawyers. This is such a case.

Our client was a Mexican lawyer who was involved in sensational case in both Mexico and the United States. Our client worked with a U.S. lawyer in suing a wealthy U.S. citizen who regularly traveled to Mexico to engage in sexual activities with minor Mexican boys. The two lawyers (along with another U.S. lawyer) worked on behalf of the boys who sued under a U.S. law prohibiting U.S. citizens from traveling for the purposes of engaging in sex with minors. Our client and the primary U.S. lawyer handling the matter had an agreement to share in whatever fee recovery was ultimately achieved. The U.S. citizen was also criminally prosecuted in both Thailand and Mexico for his activities, but he settled the case with the Mexican boys for a high seven figure settlement resulting in a multi-million dollar fee. The U.S. attorney promptly reneged on his promise to share the fee with our client, the Mexican lawyer. The Federal District Court in California (which was supervising the settlement for the boys) agreed to hear the fee dispute between the lawyers, and in a trial before the US Federal Magistrate, we achieved a 100% recovery for our client on the promised fee.