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This is an action for compensatory and punitive damages against an attorney arising out attorney’s legal malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud. Client, an only child, worked with her father in his successful real estate business. Client’s father died of cancer. After her father’s death, client continued to work in the family’s real estate business. One day, while alone at the office, five federal agents dressed in flak jackets and carrying guns arrive to execute a search warrant.

Through her own investigation, client discovered that her father’s attorney, who represented both her and her father in regard to their trusts and estates, likely forged three (lost) grant deeds relating to real property owned by her father’s estate. These forged deeds resulted in client unknowingly and unintentionally filing an allegedly false tax return on behalf of the estate, which led to the IRS search, a tax audit, and a criminal investigation against client.

As a result of attorney’s conduct, client has faced the stress, horror and expense of a criminal investigation and the staggering exposure to tax liability and penalties. Given the egregious and outrageous nature of attorney’s conduct, client is seeking exemplary damages and emotional distress damages, which are generally not available in legal malpractice cases.