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Posted by a Fraud client

Gwire Law Offices ( William Gwire) represented me against another attorney who's actions included legal malpratice, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud. Bill treated me with respect and patience. I couldn't have imagined this experience without Bill Gwire's guidance and expertise. Given the egregious and outrageous nature of the attorney's conduct, I received exemplary damages and emotional distess damages which are generally not available in legal malpratice cases. I owe this favorable settlement to Bill Gwire. I highly recommend Bill and Gwire Law Offices.

Posted by a Fraud client

Recently I assisted a family friend in an attorney/fraud case which involved the IRS. Acting as advocate and methodically researching legal malpractice attorneys in the state we were fortunate enough to locate Bill Gwire of Gwire Law Offices. Bill handled the case with the highest level of professionalism. He assisted my friend with patience and empathy. Bill walked us through the process step by step and ultimately achieved a most favorable settlement from the offending attorney. Bill Gwire is one of the only attorneys I would ever recommend. Thanks Bill for all of your work!

Posted by Ann, a Contracts client

In the past three years, GLO helped me overcome obstacles in the three courts I went through all resulted from my discharging of a divorce attorney.

My former divorce attorney charged me close to $750,000 in 26 months. The divorce court said numerous times that my lawyer was over-litigious. Finally, I discharged him. Four weeks later, I filed a complaint with San Francisco Bar Association (SFBA) with a request for a binding arbitration on fees. At that point, according to my former divorce attorney, I owed him over $250,000, plus interest. I eventually paid substantial penalties in family court for his over-litigiousness.


Posted by Carole

Gwire Law Offices (William Gwire and Ujvala Singh) have represented me in litigation against another attorney, Ronald Dean. Prior to Gwire Law Offices, I was living the nightmares that are the butt of “lawyer jokes”. Mr. Dean represented me to secure my long-term disability from my company’s insurance. While Mr. Dean did his job, I felt that I was excessively overcharged. I tried on my own on several occasions to work out a fair agreement with Mr. Dean, to no avail. Thank the Lord; Mr. Gwire and Ms. Singh with their expertise, uncovered several areas in Mr. Deans contract that were not within the law. After a trial by Judge, the nightmare was over. Mr. Dean was ordered by court to void his contract. Mr. Gwire and Ms. Singh have always been ethical, caring and extremely knowledgeable. I love to recommend the Gwire Law Offices as I know they will always give a client their 110%.

Posted by Richard and Leslie, a Litigation client

William Gwire is one of the very few attorney's we consider a "great lawyer." Trust me, I have four decades of experience, utilizing the services of multiple law firms and attorneys, both personally and in conjunction with smaller companies I have owned and operated. In all these years I have never encountered a more incisive legal mind, nor another lawyer possessing Bill Gwire's empathy and ability to understand the client's frustration, anger, fear and frustration that is caused by actual litigation.


Posted by a Business client

I am a well-respected physician in San Francisco, and lost an arbitration dispute with a practice management firm -- due to faulty legal representation. After consulting with several top business attorneys in the city -- all of whom agreed that the outcome was due to legal misrepresentation -- I was referred to Mr. Gwire. After a thorough review of my case, he provided brilliant representation for me -- both at the depostions and the mandatory pre-trial settlement. Though he felt strongly that we were likely to double or triple our "return" if we proceeded to a jury trial, he was extremely respectful in agreeing to my wishes to accept the high 6-figure settlement that the opposing side offered at this pre-trial meeting -- acknowledging my desire to be done with the matter and not be involved in a knock down-drag out court proceeding. His preparation with consultants and audio-visual aids was impeccable. Everything that he said would happen, did happen. He restored my faith in the legal profession! This was a case of legal malpractice, and that category is not included in the choices for "type of cases" below.

Posted by a Sexual Harassment client

I had never required a lawyer before, but like many, was painfully aware of the often ill-characterized reputation of the legal profession. So it was with understandable trepidation that I began my search for a legal representative to take my case. I had heard of Gwire Law Offices through a colleague who recommended the firm to me, even though this colleague had no personal experience with the firm. So I took a chance on Gwire.


Posted by Dave and Gale, a Fraud client

Gwire Law Offices came to our rescue when we, having no prior experience with lawyers, had been taken to the cleaners by our attorney. We had already gone to fee arbitration in Sonoma County, which we won. Then the attorney sued us the day before the arbitration award would have been final, which completely absolved him from paying us. We were shocked that a lawyer would stoop to this level, especially since a panel of three arbitrators had already found him to be in the wrong. One phone call to Gwire Law, during which a junior attorney actually listened compassionately to our ordeal and asked pertinent questions, led us to believe that this firm actually cared about justice, not about money.


Posted by Michael, a Litigation client.

As an attorney myself, I have high expectations and standards. My case was very difficult against a well heeled law firm. Mr. Gwire did a superb job handling this matter. My expectations were met. I have a great deal of respect for this attorney and I highly recommend him to my clients.

Posted by a Ethics client

Bill represented my ex-wife and me in a case against my former accountant who made a gross error that resulted in us having a >$40,000 AMT bill due to his lack of accurately answering our specific questions on the subject. The accountant denied everything and stonewalled behind the insurance company. Bill represented us very well in the case and we recovered the loss.

Posted by Edward, a Personal Injury client

William Gwire provided valuable legal help to me during an unusual legal crisis created by a California lawyer... When you choose a bad lawyer like I did, it can sometimes seem harder to find a good one... That said, Bill is an excellent attorney who is one of the good guys... ELC, Jr.

Client Alert #2: Mediation Traps

We are big believers in mediation.  But as a result of a fairly recent California Supreme Court case, mediation has become a potentially terrible trap for clients. 




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Legal Malpractice From a Medical Malpractice Case

Not what you would normally think of for a legal malpractice case arising out of a medical malpractice case.  We represented a well regarded physician  who was represented by a lawyer in a medical malpractice case.  The medical malpractice case was settled with doctor's patient, but lawyer was grossly negligent in post-settlement procedures resulting in an unusual disciplinary action by the California Medical Board against doctor (who had no involvement with the lawyer’s action and didn’t even know about it). The lawyer’s conduct caused an unfavorable comment to be made against the doctor's record on the Medical Board’s website.

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